New Boundaries

by FANG Fall/Winter 2020 revisits the artistic core of the brand, it presents a tribute to the artists of the Bauhaus movement, the ones who set new frontiers in arts and design. Inspired by the simplicity and functionality of contemporary form, the altered modern forms are strengthened by the composition of color, a combination of yellow, red and blue and highlights of exclusively developed geometric pleats. This is a collection that celebrates fresh prospective and new boundaries.


by FANG S/S 20 collection is a tribute to the incredible forces shaping wonders of the Sea. Predominant shades of blue, orange and pink combine in artistic stripes in an impression of infinite horizon. The natural elements associate with cruising sails silhouettes and boating knots inspired craftsmanship to build strength and elegance in the collection.


by FANG F/W19 collection is a tribute to cultural heritage and perseverance in transmitting customs from generation to generation. It particularly echoes to the Central Africa originated Wodaabegroup, known for its hundred years old craftsmanship attire and elaborate ceremonies. 

The collection unveils a stunning association of ethnic inspired wool fabrics, Africa layered silk prints and black-and-white hand-weaved ornaments fusing in a daring red-orange-purple color palette.

by FANG Spring / Summer 19 collection is a tribute to Frida Kahlo, an iconic woman figure and charismatic model of self-determination. The collection reflects the deep artistic expression of the artist. A natural flow of colorful silk prints embrace Mexican folk influenced decorative elements in an appealing celebratory series of elegant silhouettes.

 “I am my own muse, I am the subject I know best. The subject I want to know better.”
– Frida Kahlo